Childhood Treasures
A family company since 1981

Childhood Treasures AlphabetI never started out to run a business, it just happened. Childhood Treasures began in 1981 as I sat at my dining room table. As a mother of two and another on the way, I decided to paint my son’s name using colorful, unique letters I created to capture his interest. Friends started asking me to make name paintings for their children, so I did. About the same time, my husband (the lawyer) asked me if I had ever considered using my “Love Letters” on mugs for children. A client of his had purchased a mug shop so I set up an appointment. To my surprise, when I went to the appointment it was a high school friend who walked me through the process and gave me all the contacts I needed to start personalizing children’s dinnerware. Shortly thereafter, I started going to gift markets and ended up with displays in about 250 stores and several national catalogs.

After ten years with a thriving business, 3 active children, a husband and teaching full time something had to go. I was stretched thin to say the least. I love my family and teaching so I sold the business to my brother. He had recently retired from the Marines and was searching for a business to buy. So long story short, he kept the business for several years and then we bought it back!

A short time later, hurricane Ivan hit Pensacola in 2004 and Childhood Treasures was dormant until 2012 when my daughter Abby DeSa told me she wanted to breath new life into Childhood Treasures and take it to the next level. She is willing and eager to assist you with your heirloom quality treasures. We have customers how received Childhood Treasures pieces as kids and now they are ordering pieces for THEIR children! We hope you and your special little person will start your own tradition and treasure the special, handmade personalized pieces for years to come like thousands have done since 1981.

Lynn Morris