I was a customer more than 10 years ago and currently have 22 of these personalized ornaments for my tree. Plus I have ordered numerous family & friends one of their own too. I'm so glad to have finally tracked your mom down. She told me you are taking over the business and I wanted to wish you well. Good luck!

Melissa D.

"What a wonderful keepsake! Ellen loves using ‘her’ china, and I know she will be excited to see her name on the Christmas tree!"

Laura Sadowski

"I ordered one of the personalized ornaments out of a catalog about 1993. After each new grandchild arrived I would order another ornament. After my 4th and last grandchild (2003), I could not find Lynn or her ornaments anywhere. I searched on and off, and especially at Christmas time, for Lynn for the next 9 years. Every year my youngest granddaughter would say, "Why do I not have an ornament like the others?" This year (FINALLY) I was able to give my granddaughter her ornament and let her put it on the tree!!!! I love, love, love that I finally found you again!!!!!”

Sherry Windle

“We have four children and a wonderful tradition of decorating the family Christmas tree together. This year we’re planning a new surprise ending when we give the kids their personalized ornaments. I know they’ll be thrilled!”

Jane Dawson

“Our son, Nolan, loves to see his name in print, so I ordered the 3-piece china set as a birthday gift. As we pulled each piece out and unwrapped it, his eyes just lit up with that all-encompassing kid joy. Thank you so much!”

Ginger Scottson